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Software Application Development Rich and Robust – Robust Architectural Enablement of Power Systems

Surround Technologies knows how to integrate Windows and IBM i – we know how to maximize the strength of both platforms – we know how to help you implementation a successful software project.

Accelerate Modernization and New Development

Accelerator™ Application Development Tools dramatically increases productivity for the developer, the user and the organization. Your productivity is assisted by a robust design that supports n-tier architecture, web services, and the cloud.

Accelerate Modernization  and Development

Imagine an n-tier architecture can not only run in the cloud, but can run in multiple clouds (n-cloud).

Imagine a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that is fast and reliable.

Imagine creating applications to run anywhere, accessing data sources around the world like they were in the next room.

Imagine being able to generate and enhance very rich user experiences that effortlessly extends IBM i data and programs..

Now start using Accelerator to make it all very REAL!

Accelerate Modernization and Development

    Why is it named Accelerator™? Because you can:

  • Accelerate Development - Productivity for the .NET novice and the most advanced .NET expert. Generate end-to-end solution rapidly.
  • Accelerate Learning – Learn .NET (C#, WPF, MVVM, Silverlight, WCF, VB) rapidly by generating well-formed code that follows best practices. Learn from the top-down, generate, and then learn only what you have to know when you need to know it.
  • Accelerate Openness - the architecture is open to any technology, the code is open to any modification, and suddenly there are no more limitations.
  • Accelerate Quality – modularity, consistency, reusability, test driven development, all make the life of quality assurance much easier.
  • Accelerate Users – built-in search, dynamic error checking, multi-tasking, wizard work flow, history tracking, collaboration, and other built-in functionality all make the user ability to complete tasks in an accurate, effective and timely manner.
  • Accelerate the Business –enhancements and changes now take a fraction of the time they did previously because of the modular and reusable architecture. Accelerator is software at the speed of business.

Accelerate Modernization and Development
  • Accelerate Modernization  and Development Accelerator User Experience (UX) leverages the science of Usability. Impact the productivity of application users and you impact corporate profitability, every day. That’s lasting ROI.
  •  Accelerator starts with standards and structured methodologies are the guidelines to developing software responsibly and effectively with considerations for both the user and other developers.
  • Accelerator generates a well defined software design and architecture will enable developers to spend more time on innovative business functionality and less time on the underlying technology.
  • Accelerator is the pinnacle of developer productivity allowing IT to shift the time typically spent on hand-tooled plumbing code and maintenance to new business specific innovative software development.

Accelerate Modernization  and Development More Total Integration

There are many ways Accelerator provides total IBM i integration for legacy modernization, technology integration, and the complete life cycle of applications.

.NET Development and wrapper for 5250 for IBM i, System i, iSeries, AS/400 Accelerate Modernization  and Development

Accelerate modernization and development of your existing application screens with unlimited options to extend and develop new modules and interfaces. The structured design and rapid automation deliver fast results and shield complexity so that ongoing development and maintenance of your applications is minimized.

LANSA Productivity, Modernization or Conversion

Accelerate Modernization  and Development Surround has many established successes assisting LANSA customers in every phase of development and improvement. Use Accelerator for Visual LANSA to produce wizard generated code, reducing LANSA application development time significantly and providing therefore substantial savings. We can assist in any of the following 4 options:

  1. The development of new LANSA systems in a productive, structured, organized way. Adding flexiblity and limiting lock-in.
  2. The modernization of legacy LANSA applications
  3. Integrating and opening up the legacy application to newer technology
  4. Conversion to .NET